Melissa Boston

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa is an accomplished corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, and industry trailblazer, who has traveled throughout the United States, Bermuda, Turkey, Canada, Mexico and Germany sharing her knowledge on health and wealth building. As Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Place Botanicals, a company dedicated to offering organic full-spectrum botanical products developed to enhance the well-being of our people and planet at revolutionary prices. Melissa leads the charge into the “Green Rush” by implementing cutting-edge strategies coupled with technology to create innovative partnerships with Physicians, Pharmacists, Pastors, Health Professionals, and health conscious entrepreneurs. Within just a few short months, Melissa has helped position HPB as one of the fastest growing organic botanical companies in the United States. She has helped the company’s monthly revenue grow and in the first 18 months sales are up 3500%Melissa has leveraged her extensive experience as an executive in corporate America to bring a wealth of knowledge and connections to Healthy Place Botanicals. Her impressive track record helped to grow the sales for global corporations by over $100 million of dollars over a 4-year period by creating strong customer relations and systems. In 2006, she left the corporate world to enter the home-based business arena and has reached the highest levels of success over the past 12 years. Melissa’s impressive sales performance positioned her to be featured twice in Success From Home Magazine and on the cover of Simply Home Magazine.
Some of Melissa’s most notable highlights include earning MVP (Most Valuable Player) at her company convention and numerous other awards. From 2012-2013, she was chosen as one of seven members of the executive council advisory team for an international health and wellness biotechnology company with over $40 Million invested in discovering healthier ways to improve the health of the world.
In 2013, she also published a book called, "Proverbs Diet," and has been a co-author three times, including one bestselling book. Over the last 2 years, she has expanded her brand into over 40 countries and built a following of over 55,000 people in over 46 countries as a social media strategist and a top performing sales Director for a multi-billion company.